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COMSERV provides premium fraud, waste, and abuse prevention products and services. COMSERV has been providing Death Information System (DIS) services since the beginning. We have more comprehensive death information in the DIS database than any other competitor--period. No matter what claim is made and how its advertised, the proof will be obvious in the results. It makes sense to perform a due-diligence comparison to make sure you are receiving the complete and verified result. Isn't this what you expect?

By design, COMSERV does not offer Internet-based or automated reporting. The two (2) main reasons for this decision are 1) information privacy and security; and 2) high-quality verified information. COMSERV realizes there may be a convenience with Internet-based reporting. However, are you willing to settle for incomplete, unverified information and more importantly, take the risk with your valued information? No entity, large or small, is exempt from hackers, crackers, attackers, and all other types of network intruders. You hear about digital intrusions all the time in the media. Some, you don't. COMSERV utilizes a quality assurance process to review and verify all report information. We do not provide the "raw" death information obtained by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and many other sources until we make it as complete and enhanced as possible.

COMSERV provides it's customers with verified and expanded results. As of November 2011, the SSA eliminated many millions of records from their death master file (DMF). Additionally, state and zip code(s) were also removed on all records. These SSA decisions did not affect COMSERV. We continue to provide the most current, comprehensive, and accurate death information available anywhere. This fact has been solidified by competitor comparisons. Our sources of death information include SSA, State, Federal, private, and unique methodologies to obtain death information.

In summary, whatever ethically is needed using our products and services to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse, COMSERV is the right choice.

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