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Death Information System
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7095 SE Twin Oaks Circle
Stuart, FL 34997-4729
Voice: 772-631-0440

COMSERV, INC ("COMSERV") is a privately held professional services firm that provides cost-effective fraud, waste, and abuse prevention, debt collection, compliance, actuarial, and cost recovery solutions to a broad range of customer requirements. For over 35 years, COMSERV has provided professional services and products to government and commercial customers.

COMSERV products and professional services are tailored to meet or exceed our customers specific requirements. We accomplish our customers goals while adhering to strict confidentiality, quality, integrity, ethics, and performance standards. Our products and services are restricted to legitimate businesses that have an appropriate ethical business purpose for the information. In keeping with our corporate mission to our customers complete satisfaction, COMSERV requires all employees and subcontractors meet these quality standards as well. COMSERV delivers quality, affordable products and services, and we deliver them on time. Our spotless record is one our customers can trust.

Throughout our 35-year history, COMSERV has been copied and imitated several times, but we have never been duplicated. Many things about us appeal to "the other guys" - our low prices, reliability, integrity and ethics immediately come to mind. Granted, "the other guys" offer some or all of these enticements to their customers, but just like a photocopy of a painting, a copycat can't convey the essence - the heart, if you will - of the original. Being the original is not an end all unto itself. After all, remember all the .COM companies that vanished from the scene. We know it is imperative to improve our products and services, and we are hard at work doing just that. However, the concepts of providing low prices and great customer service remain just as fresh and original as they were when COMSERV was pioneered.

Robert D. Perholtz

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